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Dr. Martens Work Boots

When a hard day’s work is at hand, step into the comfort of Dr. Martens industrial work boots and shoes. Serving workers across the globe for over 50 years, these products offer innovative design and safety features for both men and women. With affordable, efficient footwear and the iconic Dr. Martens style, this collection makes staying on your feet the easiest part of the workday.

Dr. Martens Airside

Protect your toes from crush injury without metal lining with the Airside, a non-metallic collection. Replacing steel with clean lines, composite toe caps, these shoes offer an electricity-safe alternative to traditional protective footwear. Along with a Smartmask cushioned footbed and breathable linings to ensure comfort from heel to toe, each rubber sole is heat and slip resistant. Coming in multiple colors and material options, you can personalize your style with the assurance that your toes are well protected and non-conductive.

Dr. Martens Heath

Feel the support and durability from the start of the shift to clock-out with the Heath collection of men’s work boots. Each comes with Cosmo Lunar lining and Thinsulate insulation to keep your feet warm, and the cushioned footbed comes with enhanced arch support for the next level of comfort. With a steel toe cap, electrical hazard protection and full waterproof leather, this boot can stand up to long days on the job by keeping you dry and protected.

Dr. Martens Heritage

For a classic design with the latest in comfort and safety technology, the Heritage brand has the right fit. While each style in this collection has specific features, products include air-cushioned soles for shock-absorbing comfort, safety steel toe caps for protection around heavy equipment and water-resistant leather. Annoyed with constantly untied or loose laces? Each boot comes with industrial strength cord lacing that keeps it tight after one pull. If you need footwear that works in a variety of weather conditions and job descriptions, Heritage is the whole package.

Dr. Martens Icon

When working with or near power lines and electrical equipment, Icon electrical hazard protective footwear keeps you grounded. Incorporating Dr. Martens heritage and iconic industrial styles, each shoe has additional insulation from the ground to protect wearers from accidental contact with electrical charge. The collection has both Wellington and traditional lace-style boots with extra electrical protection. What happens on the job is often unpredictable; your footwear does not have to be.

Dr. Martens Occupational

Take the classic Dr. Martens design to the next level of comfort and safety with the Occupational collection. Along with water-resistant, full-grain leather and synthetic mesh lining, the Chelsea offers an air-cushioned sole highly resistant to oil, fat, petrol and alkali substances. The boot is perfect for work on any surface, solid or slippery. Combining leather and synthetic mesh for a flexible fit, wet, oily or greasy floors are no match for its tight-grip, no-slip design.

Dr. Martens Outland

Dr. Martens Outland adds a steel toe cap and advanced insulation technology to take the classic Rigger boot style to the next level of quality and efficiency. The fully waterproof footwear has breathable Cosmo Lunar lining for a dry interior and a double-stitched full-grain leather for a durable exterior. The easy-to-wear Rigger is finished with a non-slip, heat-resistant rubber outsole for a firm grip to the ground, no matter your working conditions.

Dr. Martens Service

Hospitality, restaurant or any service industry employee needs comfortable yet sleek and professional-grade footwear. The Dr. Martens Service line has a variety of styles and features that can take the wear and tear of a busy kitchen or hotel conference event. Stay on your feet and stay comfortable with slip resistant and shock absorbing soles for both tie and slip-on styles. Despite using industrial full-grain leather, double stitching and padded collars for extra support, each shoe is designed to look professional and fit any employee dress code.

Dr. Martens Tamarack

Weather resistance is priority for the Dr. Martens’ Tamarack. This expedition-ready boot protects from anything that burns, breaks, slips or shocks. The Tamarack is fully waterproof, added insulation to prevent electrical shock, heat resistant up to 300 degrees Celsius and equipped with a toe cap to protect from crush injury. With 200 gram Thinsulate thermal lining that keeps feet warm and stops cold air from seeping in, this heavy-cleated, multi-tasking design can handle any terrain or weather condition.

Dr. Martens Tred

Once standard issue for British workers on offshore oil rigs in the North Sea, Dr. Martens gives a 21st century twist to the classic “rigger” boot. The fully waterproof design has a nitrile rubber sole that is slip resistant, oil and abrasion resistant and heat resistant up to 572 degrees fahrenheit. Leather pull loops and padded ankle support makes the classic Rigger more comfortable than ever. Any style of the Tred is fit for work offshore and on.

Dr. Martens Workman

The anti-static Workman discharges static build up from the shoe to the floor to ensure peace of mind at the worksite. Industrial mesh lining and heavy-duty metal eyelets provide durability while the heat- and slip-resistant rubber sole is safe for any work environment. Double stitched with industrial full grain, the Workman boot and shoe options are designed with the hard worker in mind. - Your Work Boots Superstore

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