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Florsheim Work Boots

Easily handling whatever the day brings, Florsheim combines over a century of craftsmanship with modern technology to produce the hardest working, most rugged boots. Designed to withstand impact, the boots in the Work Series are lightweight and comfortable. Features such as metatarsal guards, polyurethane cushioning and toe covers justify the motto, "Protection so good, you don't even know it's there."

Florsheim Ace

Take your casual footwear to the next level. Florsheim’s Ace collection mixes together form and function for safety shoes that meet the highest safety standards while still looking stylish. The removable cushioned insert is extra thick and soft for a more comfortable experience, especially if walking and standing takes up the majority of your working hours. Included in each pair is an ASTM-rated composite safety toe that surround an extra-large toe cap. Ideal for wear with khakis or jeans, these Florsheim work shoes are perfect for routine wear.

Florsheim Compadre

Built to act as your on-the-job companion, the Compadre safety shoe is bound to get the green light when it comes to protection. Featuring a casual moc-toe design, you can wear it afterhours just as easily. In addition to the shoe’s waterproof lining, extreme flexibility and steel safety toe, you can also upgrade your style for one that integrates a full force internal met guard. Unlike other internal met guards, the Compadre keeps this protection under wraps and inconspicuous. Meet your safety regulations in style.

Florsheim Fiesta

Working hours are a party when you wear Florsheim’s Fiesta work shoe! Well, maybe not. But those hours will feel a lot more enjoyable when your feet are wrapped in this ultra-cushioned footwear. That’s because each pair comes with a dual density PU cushioned insert that provides relief from long hours on your feet. From the outsole to the super-soft midsole, hard-wearing TPU is injected to take some of the pressure off. When you stop concentrating on achy feet, you can start concentrating on working hard.

Florsheim Hercules

It’s only appropriate that this ultra-strong work boot be named after a Greek god with brute strength. The Hercules boot is Florsheim’s answer to comfortable, extreme protection. This romeo-style shoe offers up six inches of defense in an easy slip-on package. A direct-attach construction ensures long-wearing durability, so you can enjoy long-lasting footwear even if your work zone is extra harsh. And with the quick release metatarsal, you’re promised defense against hazardous accidents. You can’t take on-the-job safety too seriously. Add some insurance to your shift with the Hercules.

Florsheim Lucky

Slip into something a little more comfortable when you’re heading into the office. By adding a steel safety toe into a loafer-style shoe, Florsheim created a style that offers the best of both worlds. The Lucky collection  is the perfect mix of protection and casual attire. If you find yourself splitting the day between office environment and factory floor, you need a pair of these. The steel toe meets the regulations you need without having to pull on a bulky pair of work boots.

Florsheim Lumberjack

Break in a pair of Lumberjack loggers that are sure to become your new favorites. An all-leather upper brings durability, strength and comfort to your everyday labors. And those labors will feel much more manageable when you’re equipped with footwear that’s designed to add cushioning to every step you take. The heavy-duty rubber lug bottom allows you to move and climb with ease, so you can finish the job with time to spare. Get the look, feel and performance of a top-of-the-line boot with this cost-effective Lumberjack.

Florsheim Magna

Channel your brute inner strength when you’ve got a work boot like the Florsheim Magna on your feet. This extra tough boot is built to meet the demands of an extra tough job. That’s because it’s got a built-in internal metatarsal guard and steel safety toe. But it’s not just any internal met guard—it’s a high heat-resistant, flexible met guard, so you can move freely through ultra-hot environments. Add to that the super heat-resistant Vibram outsole and Heat Shield System, and you’re darn near invincible.

Florsheim Nifty

When you get done with a long day, you want your feet to feel as good as they did when that day began. With Florsheim’s Nifty, you’ll get that experience. These moc-style shoes are lined with Cambrelle, which helps control the amount of moisture in the shoe while simultaneously creating a comfortable, cool climate for your feet.  For those who spend their hours working in an office, a warehouse or factory floor, slip-resistant, steel toe work shoes never felt so good.

Florsheim Polaris

Strengthen the level of comfort and cushion your work shoes deliver. The Polaris has the resources available to make all those working hours a lot easier on your aching feet. Incorporating the high-quality features and friendly pricing that Florsheim work boots are known for, this safety shoe will exceed expectations. A totally non-metallic construction, composite safety toe and PU cushion insert lay a strong foundation. But the greatest attribute of the Polaris is the brand’s 3D technology, which brings together three layers of long-wearing cushion for the ultimate performance.

Florsheim Rambler

Live up to your full potential with the Florsheim Rambler, a work shoe that’s designed to maintain comfortable platform for your working feet. When you aren’t focusing on tight boots or sweaty feet, you can concentrate on the task at hand. This moc-style oxford brings in a padded tongue and collar, extra-large toe cap and a lightweight molded composite toe for that just-right blend of comfort and protection. Also included is a DriMax lining for super absorbance to retain that fresh, dry feeling.

Florsheim Ulysses

Workers of all occupations will appreciate the action-packed Ulysses work shoe. Though it looks like an average sneaker, this shoe is actually loaded up with Florsheim’s Total Cushioning Technology. That means you get no less than five entire layers of cushioning, ranging from .5 to 1.5 inches thick. This deeply cushioned system ensures that your entire foot is encased in comfort and protected from the impact of every step. One of the brand’s most popular styles, the performance of the Ulysses will never disappoint.

Florsheim Utility

The Florsheim brand, one of the most respected names in the work boot game, introduces the Utility, a boot fit for every lineman or cable installer out there. This classic-looking boot keeps you on guard, with an Electrical Hazard safety rating, steel toe and deep heel to meet those ladder rungs. A Drilex lining makes sure water won’t penetrate the boot’s interior, so your feet stay dry and sweat-free. The flexible construction allows easy movements to adapt to every environment you might encounter. The Utility boot was built to cater to utility professionals.

Florsheim Vaquero

The Vaquero is aptly named, because this Florsheim work shoe is quite literally a jack-of-all-trades. There’s not a job out there that this shoe can’t handle. With an extra-soft cushioned insert, non-metallic construction, composite safety toe and DriMax super-absorbent lining, any tradesperson who needs a comfortable, reliable shoe will do well with the Vaquero. The best part about these shoes? You can wear them straight off the shift, thanks to its versatile and casual design. - Your Work Boots Superstore

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