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LaCrosse Work Boots

Tracing its roots back to 1897, LaCrosse footwear focuses on the production of rubber and vinyl boots. Throughout the U.S., the brand is known for its high performance on the job and in the field. Built to meet the needs of customers, the boots protect against extreme elements and hazardous conditions. People employed in law enforcement, transportation, mining and oil and gas rely on the protection of these work boots.

LaCrosse Adamas

Toughen up your workday with the Adamas. This collection carries strength, protection and comfort in a variety of styles, to meet every workplace demand. The secret to their durability? Reinforced diamond-plated rubber panels along the toe and heel to fight against rough wear and tear. Secure your comfort with 100% waterproof HyperDri protection and the Quad Impact sole that provides no less than four layers of extreme cushioning and shock absorption. These boots weren’t built for gentle labors. They’re built to get the job done.

LaCrosse Alpha Aggressive

LaCrosse’s Alpha Aggressive work boot gives durable, tough protection when you need it most. Don’t be afraid to track through muddy waters. The Alpha construction means you get ozone-resistant rubber with naturally-insulating neoprene, keeping your feet dry and comfortable. Made with ZXT rubber, these boots resist tears and are super durable. Sixteen inches of waterproof protection is great, but add to that the removable EVA cushioning footbed and a rugged Vibram outsole, and you’ve got yourself a work boot that is ready to tackle any job you can think of.

LaCrosse Alpha Mudlite

The LaCrosse Alpha Mudlite is a work boot that’s just dying to get down and dirty. This fully loaded LaCrosse work boot comes equipped with innovative Alpha technology, making it 100% waterproof, lightweight and incredibly durable. A Brush Tuff exterior adds resistance to scuffs, punctures and tears. The AirCirc system circulates the airflow inside your boot to keep feet dry and comfortable. Get a custom fit with a cam-loc buckle, and easily adjust the fit to your clothing. Those dirty jobs aren’t so bad with a pair of Alpha Mudlites on your feet.

LaCrosse ATS

If you find your boots covered with mud at the end of every day, perhaps you need some additional coverage. The ATS is a boot for your boot. These are designed to fit over deep heel leather footwear to take charge of the job. Firm, durable support comes from a ZXT rubber compound that provides extreme tear and abrasion resistance with steel buckles that lock in a snug fit. ATS soles use a combination of metal studs and hard rubber to allow for unbeatable traction on soft or hard grounds, indoor and outdoor.

LaCrosse Economy

You need a boot that can stand up to your grimy worksites. The LaCrosse Economy work boot is up for that job. Choose from a knee or hip length protection. These boots are made with totally waterproof, abrasion-resistant rubber. The slip-resistant Diamond Bar outsole offers a ton of traction on a variety of surfaces. Double up your protection with a steel toe and extra rubber toecap. A steel shank adds stability when you’re standing on your feet for extended periods. Make your job a little easier with the LaCrosse Economy.

LaCrosse Extreme Tough

When you work in an environment that’s rough and tough, you need to make sure you have footwear that can stand up to the job. That’s where the LaCrosse Extreme Tough work boots come in. This versatile boot is available in a variety of styles, including a Wellington and a Logger. Built with Thinsulate insulation, full-grain durable leather and a Hyper-Dri waterproof lining, you’ll get superior protection with every step. Go with a work boot that’s not just tough, it’s Extreme.

LaCrosse Foreman

For a reliable, all-purpose work boot, try the LaCrosse Foreman. These boots are made with a rich, full-grain leather and a welt construction for ultimate durability. A padded collar adds a touch of the classic work boot design. An antimicrobial foot bed wicks away moisture and controls odor, relieving sweaty feet. Foreman outsoles give tons of tread, so you stay oil and slip-resistant. The Foreman is available in various lace-up heights and a Wellington version.

LaCrosse Gridline

Go with the LaCrosse Gridline work boots when you need comfortable, rugged footwear. These boots were made to handle harsh work environments, with a durable leather and Denier nylon upper that resists abrasions. A specialized outsole carries an aggressive lug pattern and non-marking oil and slip resistance, while a fiberglass shank helps relieve some of the pressure from standing for extended periods. The Gridline is also available in extended smaller sizes, making them an ideal choice for women or those with small feet.

LaCrosse Guardsman

For the grimiest, muddiest job site, you need a pair of the LaCrosse Guardsman work boots. These boots uses a special compound called ZXT to provide the most durable and tear-resistance rubber construction available. Use the top strap buckle for a custom fit and to tighten the boot around bulky clothing. You’ll love that the chevron-cleated outsole doesn’t track around the mud and dirt you slosh through, but it does provide all the traction you need. Get protection and durability with the Guardsman.

LaCrosse Highwall

LaCrosse collaborated with miners to develop the Highwall, a work boot built to meet the needs of mineworkers. This boot carries the features most important to this line of work, like a fully waterproof Gore-Tex lining and hard-wearing triple-stitched leather. Protection comes in the form of a safety steel or composite toe, flexible internal metatarsal guard and a protective Vibram rubber heel and toe. The Highwall is also available in a pull-on Wellington style.

LaCrosse Longwall

The LaCrosse Longwall was designed by miners for miners—this boot offers heavy duty protection for those who work in the harsh conditions of the mine. This miner is made tough with triple-stitched leather, waterproof with Gore-Tex lining and temperature resistant with Thinsulate insulation. These hardcore work boots keep you safe with reflective paneling, safety toe, and a floating MetFlex metatarsal guard. This Longwall is available in 10” or 16”, and come in smaller sizes for women.

LaCrosse Met

Resist mucky, wet work sites when you try on the LaCrosse Met work boot. This boot’s got you covered from hip to toe with an ozone-resistant, abrasion-resistant rubber that is completely waterproof. Construction incorporates a ZXT rubber, a premium rubber compound that carries the highest tensile strength out there. Slip resistant outsoles and safety toes protect against falls and other work hazards. When you slip on a pair of the Met Hip boots, know that you’re getting the highest level or protection out there.

LaCrosse Meta

When you wear Lacrosse Meta work boots, you can tromp through all the sludge and mud you want with confidence. Lose the fear that you might lose a boot in mucky situation—the innovated Ankle-Fit design helps keep them on your feet and adds ankle support. A full metatarsal guard makes sure nothing penetrates through your LaCrosse work boot. Slip-resistant outsoles and contoured heel counters prevent heel slippage, so you stay comfortable and stable when walking, even on wet surfaces. The Meta is available in a steel or alloy toe and a variety of pull-on styles.

LaCrosse NMT Pac

Fight cold weather and freezing temperatures with the NMT Pac work boots. Stay insulated with supreme protection with a waterproof, vulcanized rubber bottom, full-grain upper and Thinsulate insulation. And the warming features don’t stop there—you’ll also get a removable 5-layer insulated liner made with a heat-reflectant Radiantex material. Safety features include a composite safety toe and Trac-Lite outsoles for stability on loose terrains like snow or mud. The NMT Pac is a great choice for workers who spend the majority of their day laboring outdoors.

LaCrosse Pac

Got a tough, dirty job? Go for the LaCrosse Pac work boots and stay clean and comfortable. A woolfelt midsole joins forces with a foam insulation to help block the cold and keep warmth from escaping. These boots are constructed with extremely durable materials like an ozone and abrasion resistant ZXT rubber. A rubber toecap adds resilience against wear due to crawling. A removable EVA insole adds cushioning to relieve feet during long days. The Pac is offered in a 12” or 16” version.

LaCrosse Permafrost

Have visible breath at your worksite? Then it’s chilly enough to enlist the LaCrosse Permafrost to kick the cold weather blues. With a temperature rating of negative 70 degrees, there’s no way Mother Nature is going to mess with the comfort level of your feet. The Permafrost is able to battle below zero temps because it carries 1000G Thinsulate Ultra insulation. On top of that, there’s a vulcanized black rubber shell with a full-grain leather upper. This keeps the water out and the heat in. A visibly rugged outsole features ultra-deep lugs that truly grips the ground in ice and snow.

LaCrosse Premium

Guard yourself against the hazards at your jobsite with some LaCrosse Premium work boots. These boots are made with the ZXT abrasion-resistant rubber, which is reinforced in the leg and ankle for increased durability. When you’re trekking through mud or snow, you’ll need the slip-resistant Trac-Lite outsole that keeps you steady on your feet. Choose the Premium in a hip-high style for even more defense against jobsite hazards. These aren’t just work boots—they’re extreme protection.

LaCrosse Protecta

Lasting protection comes in the form of a work boot named the Protecta. This style was designed to withstand the toughest working conditions, with a tear-resistant, durable ZXT rubber that’s fully waterproof. You won’t need to worry about pulling your boot out of muddy terrains, thanks to the adjustable buckles and Ankle-Fit design that deliver a custom, secure fit. Get the protection of a steel toe shoe with a ASTM steel toe and metatarsal guard. These boots will keep you protected from the moment you punch in.

LaCrosse Quad Comfort

Don’t buy just any ordinary work boot. Long working days require a safety shoe that not only protects—it keeps you comfortable for hours. That’s why LaCrosse had in mind when they created the Quad Comfort work boot line. A whopping four layers of underfoot cushioning means you get all-day comfort and reduced foot fatigue. Plus, the leather upper has an extra-wide padded collar. Pair all that cushion with safety features like Hyper-Dri waterproof lining and a slip-resistant outsole, and you have yourself a boot you’ll be glad to wear for hours.

LaCrosse Quantum Plus

A work boot doesn’t have to be heavy or bulky. In fact, the LaCrosse Quantum Plus provides all the great features of a traditional work boot in a mid-height, athletic-inspired safety shoe. Don’t be fooled by its size—even though it’s lightweight, it packs some major toughness. Abrasion resistant material covers every inch, and the Quantum outsole adds supreme traction. Plus, this shoe is infused with multiple layers of cushioning and support, so your feet don’t tire before you’re ready to call it day. Choose the Quantum Plus for big protection in a small package.

LaCrosse Quickness

What do you get when you mix the sturdiness of a work boot with the swiftness of an athletic shoe? The LaCrosse Quickness. This tennis shoe-inspired footwear encompasses all the utility you need from 9 to 5. Leather, nylon and rubber combine for the ultimate in durability. Work without worry when you’re armed with a composite safety toe and slip-resistant outsole. An added bonus is the dual-density EVA midsole that absorbs the shock of each step and fights overtired feet. Bulky work boots are a thing of the past. Move forward with a light, functional Quickness.

LaCrosse Safety Pac

When you’re working hard, safety is key year-round. That’s why LaCrosse developed the Safety Pac winter work boot. This incredibly rugged boot has an impressively robust Bear Trap outsole with debris release for tackling snow, ice and muddy conditions. Thinsulate insulation technology helps keep warmth in without added bulk, and a Hyper-Dri barrier seals the boot against moisture. When you’re on the job, cold feet should be the last thing on your mind. Stay warm. Stay safe. Choose the Safety Pac.

LaCrosse Spog

Combat chemicals with a serious rubber boot built to do just that. The LaCrosse Spog can stand up to 28 chemicals, including many from the hydraulic fracturing industry. What makes it such a worthy opponent to industry chemicals? It might have something to do with its latex neoprene coating and seamless exterior. In addition to blocking harmful liquids, the Spog maintains an electrical hazard rating that meets ASTM F2892-11 EH. Available in both 12- and 16-inch heights, these safety boots offer the perfect defense system against on-the-job dangers.

LaCrosse Storm

Those who work in cold, muddy sites know they can depend on the insulated LaCrosse Storm work boots to keep them covered. These boots protect all the way to your hip, so you’re shielded from harsh environments. The ZXT rubber used to make these boots are a high tensile strength, which means these are some of the most durable boots you can find. An 8mm wool-felt midsole and insulated foam rubber adds a thick layer of warmth, a perk for those who spend time working underground. Take your footwear protection a step further when you choose the Storm.

LaCrosse Tracktion

Sometimes the boots on your feet just aren’t enough, especially when you’re faced with harsh chemicals and extra slick ground. Pull on some Tracktion overshoes, and add another hefty layer between you and the hazards of the job. Built tough to keep you safe, this is an overshoe on steroids. Their patented studded outsole conquers snow and ice, with a deeper heel that helps facilitate ladders. A 3M Scotchlite reflective material adds visibility in dark lit areas. When your regular work boots aren’t cutting it, supplement with the Tracktion.

LaCrosse Utah Brogue

Messy jobsites demand boots that perform. Separate yourself from a hazardous worksite with a heavy duty pair of overshoes like the Utah Brogue. This hardcore rubber boot is going to change your life. Well, at least the part of it spent clocked in. Designed to fit over heavy-soled protective footwear, this waterproof boot is constructed with a strong, premium ZXT rubber that’s extremely resistant to tears and abrasions. Get the fit you need with an easy on/off nylon net lining and adjustable calf buckle. Double up your protection with the Utah Brogue.

LaCrosse Z Series

Add to your traction level with a pair of Z Series overshoes. Don’t settle for just another pair of work boots—protect yourself against a tough environment with extra durability. Built to fit over your standard footwear, the Z Series sloshes through mud, muck and water with a chevron-cleated outsole that grips down deep. At the end of the day, simply hose off the waterproof rubber upper for easy clean-up. The Z Series is popular with industrial employees, thanks to its superior defense and slip resistance. See how extra rubber will benefit your working hours.

LaCrosse ZXT

The Lacrosse ZXT boots are made with premium ZXT rubber. This material is resistant to abrasions and tears, so your boots stay durable longer. Warming features like a wool felt insole and foam insulation help protect you from cold environments, and some styles also have reinforcement from extra rubber. Removable EVA footbeds provide cushioning and a steel shank gives you added support. For an all-purpose rubber boot that’s great both on and off the job, choose a ZXT. - Your Work Boots Superstore

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