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Nautilus 1706 CT

Item Number: 1706

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  • Features

    • Full-Grain and Action Leather Upper
    • Composite Safety Toe Cap
    • Removable Dual Density Insole
    • EVA Midsole for Maximum Comfort
    • Rubber Slip- and Oil-Resistant Aggressive Grip Outsole
    • TPU Side Support for Stabilization
    • Fiberglass Shank for Support & Stability
    • No Exposed Metal to Meet Scratch Resistant Workplace Requirements
    • Meets or Exceeds ASTM 2413-05 Impact/Compression and EH Ratings

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Nautilus 1706 CT Black

Available Colors

  • Nautilus 1706 CT Black

About Nautilus

Nautilus collage Backed by an athletic footwear history, Nautilus infuses support and comfort into ridiculously protective footwear. Drawing from this heritage, every pair of work boots and shoes incorporates comfort technologies and cutting-edge materials. Featuring various types of safety toes that are extremely durable, the ergonomically engineered footwear easily meets and exceeds rigid government regulations. To ensure they can withstand the most hazardous of job sites, the footwear is routinely tested in independent laboratories. Striving to change the way that people look at safety footwear, Nautilus offers a variety of options for every line of work—whether they need extreme protection or light casual shoes.
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D Medium
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Nautilus 1706 CT Black Black, 7, Medium
SKU: NAU1706-7M
In Stock $66.99
Black, 7, Wide
SKU: NAU1706-7W
In Stock $66.99
Black, 7.5, Medium
SKU: NAU1706-75M
In Stock $66.99
Black, 7.5, Wide
SKU: NAU1706-75W
In Stock $66.99
Black, 8, Medium
SKU: NAU1706-8M
In Stock $66.99
Black, 8, Wide
SKU: NAU1706-8W
In Stock $66.99
Black, 8.5, Medium
SKU: NAU1706-85M
In Stock $66.99
Black, 8.5, Wide
SKU: NAU1706-85W
In Stock $66.99
Black, 9, Medium
SKU: NAU1706-9M
In Stock $66.99
Black, 9, Wide
SKU: NAU1706-9W
In Stock $66.99
Black, 9.5, Medium
SKU: NAU1706-95M
In Stock $66.99
Black, 9.5, Wide
SKU: NAU1706-95W
In Stock $66.99
Black, 10, Medium
SKU: NAU1706-10M
In Stock $66.99
Black, 10, Wide
SKU: NAU1706-10W
In Stock $66.99
Black, 10.5, Medium
SKU: NAU1706-105M
In Stock $66.99
Black, 10.5, Wide
SKU: NAU1706-105W
In Stock $66.99
Black, 11, Medium
SKU: NAU1706-11M
In Stock $66.99
Black, 11, Wide
SKU: NAU1706-11W
In Stock $66.99
Black, 11.5, Medium
SKU: NAU1706-115M
In Stock $66.99
Black, 11.5, Wide
SKU: NAU1706-115W
In Stock $66.99
Black, 12, Medium
SKU: NAU1706-12M
In Stock $66.99
Black, 12, Wide
SKU: NAU1706-12W
In Stock $66.99
Black, 13, Medium
SKU: NAU1706-13M
In Stock $66.99
Black, 13, Wide
SKU: NAU1706-13W
In Stock $66.99
Black, 14, Medium
SKU: NAU1706-14M
In Stock $66.99
Black, 14, Wide
SKU: NAU1706-14W
In Stock $66.99