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Puma Safety Work Boots

With the swiftness that comes from a pair of Puma work shoes, you won’t ever have to worry about lagging on the job. From one of the most well-known athletic brands on the market comes a line of safety shoes that you’ve only dared dream of. Gone are the days of bulky work boots. With a pair of Pumas, the work day just got lighter, more stylish and a lot more agile—all with the protection you require.

Puma Safety Amsterdam

When you need a work shoe that combines safety and style, the Amsterdam comes out on top. This work shoe is fully equipped with an aluminum cap and flexible anti-penetration midsole plate to keep you fully protected on the job. The Nubuck leather and TPU Metro Protect sole make this shoe strong enough to endure even the toughest work. Utilizing contrasting colors and the signature formstrip, Puma provides you with a shoe that fits perfectly in the modern working world without sacrificing your safety.

Puma Safety Borneo

Full-time jobs call for full-time protection. So when you arm yourself with a pair of Puma Safety Borneo work boots, you can rest assured you’re getting unbeatable defense against job hazards. These boots are ready to get down and dirty, with features like durable full-grain leather and super-rugged rubber sole with Everflex technology. The evercomfort footbed and BreathActive lining maintain long-lasting comfort throughout the day, so you can work hard without feeling the pain. And like every Puma Safety shoe, there’s an athletic fit and feel that can’t be beat.

Puma Safety Cascades

Get classic styling and the latest work boot technologies with a pair of Puma Safety’s Cascades. Much like your favorite pair of sneakers, these pack the same comfortable, flexible movement and athletic design. Soft nappa leather, a composite safety toe and completely nonmetallic construction make up this heavy duty shoe. But the key to these shoes is the gelCELL soft cushioning system, which absorbs the shock of each step and returns that energy to help you take your next stride. Work harder with less effort, and your feet will thank you.

Puma Safety Dakar

Love Puma? Then you’ll love the Puma Safety Dakar—the work shoe that looks nothing like a work shoe. From the outside, these look like any other stylish sneaker. But they’re infused with safety features like a protective steel toe, ESD technology and a heat- and slip-resistant sole. And when the days stretch long, you’ll appreciate the added BreathActive lining and evercushion GEL footbed. The suede leather upper incorporates the brand’s signature styling, so you can move seamlessly from work to play.

Puma Safety Daytona

When your job calls for steel safety toes, but you don’t want to sacrifice your personal style, Puma Safety has a good compromise—the Daytona collection. These basketball influenced athletic shoes have that casual element you crave along with all of the safety features your employer requires. Static dissipative protection, nonmetallic materials and water repellent construction make this one tough boot. Plus, the evercushion GEL footbed adds extra cushioning to help you get through those long days on your feet.

Puma Safety Fast

Swift and powerful, the Fast collection from Puma Safety are the ultimate in athletic workwear. Not only do they carry the brand’s revolutionary technology, but they also are the most stylish and versatile work shoes you’ll ever own. Running shoes meets traditional boots with this innovational style and design, and thanks to key features like the super-durable Cordura nylon and lightweight composite toe cap, you can finish your day’s labor in resilient comfort.

Puma Safety Fuse Motion

Forget uncomfortable stitching and heavy safety footwear. Allow your feet to breathe in the Puma Safety Fuse Motion collection. Designed with BreatheActive lining and a lightweight footbed, this collection will keep your feet ventilated and fresh throughout the workday. The lining and waffle structure wick away moisture and allow for rapid drying when shoes are removed. It also features a gel pad that alleviates pressure from your feet and absorbs shock energy so you can tackle long hours in supreme comfort. So don’t let your work boots weigh you down. Step into the Puma Safety Fuse Motion—the lightest collection yet.

Puma Safety Indy

The Puma Safety Indy collection mixes hardworking function with a modern take on your traditional work boot. Gone are the days of heavy leather boots that don’t breathe and leave your dogs barking at the end of an extra-long shift. This collection is sleek, lighter and built to keep you standing comfortable hours into the job. They’re equipped with a BreathActive lining to allow air circulation and breathability, plus they’ve got protective toe caps and evercushion GEL footbeds. Redefine your shift with a pair of updated boots like the Indy.

Puma Safety Pace

Rapid. Swift. Flexible. The Pace from Puma Safety is everything you’ve ever wanted in your on-the-job footwear. Of course, the best part about it is that this shoe doesn’t look or feel like your average workwear at all. What appears to be the most stylish running shoe ever is actually a hardworking safety shoe in disguise. It’s equipped with everything from a lightweight composite toe to a heat- and slip-resistant outsole, plus every imaginable comfort feature to keep you moving strong.

Puma Safety Rigger

Put on a pair of Puma Safety Rigger boots when you need a shoe as tough as you are. These boots are built for hands-and-knees jobs with over-the-toe extra high scuff cap to protect against wear and tear. The oiled, full grain buffalo leather upper gives you extra durability while the Evercomfort footbed fights muscle fatigue. With BreathActive functional lining that provides water resistance and breathability, Rigger boots ensure you’ll never have to sacrifice comfort for durability again.

Puma Safety Rio

The Rio work shoe by Puma is the full package: protective, comfortable and stylish. You get suede leather with breathable Sandwich-Mesh and an Evercushion pro footbed for ultimate comfort and agility. An aluminum cap, flexible anti-penetration midsole plate and toe-cap protection keep you safe to do any job. All of that combined with the look and feel of an in-style sneaker gives you a work shoe that provides the versatility you need every day.

Puma Safety Sierra Nevada

Puma’s Sierra Nevada is far from your average work boot. With just a nod at traditional workwear, these are the latest generation of boots. A sleek design meets industrious function to get you through every hour of that shift with ease. Time-tested features like a composite safety toe and durable leather construction keep you covered safely, but revolutionary technologies also add lighter weight flexibility and comfort for day-long wear. Rethink the way you wear your boots with these Puma Safety shoes.

Puma Safety Silverstone

Navigate tough jobs with the help of the Puma Safety Silverstone. The steel toe cap and static dissipative technology keep your feet protected from potential on-the-job hazards. Long days are made easier with a breathable BreathActive lining that circulates air around the evercushion GEL footbed. The Silverstone’s rubber sole is slip resistant and heat resistant up to 572 degrees to meet your employer’s ASTM standards. Lose the bulky boot, and get to work with this stylish safety shoe.

Puma Safety Speed

Finish your next job faster and easier when you arm yourself with the Puma Speed. The perfect mix of athleticism and protection, the Speed brings the familiar comfort of your favorite shoes to your workday. This shoe combines a BreathActive lining with an extra-breathable Sandwich-Mesh upper for superior air circulation throughout your shift. The rubber sole is infused with a TCS Torsion Control System that allows both flexible and stable movement. Enjoy an entirely new experience with this Puma Safety shoe.

Puma Safety Stepper

Enhance your work performance in the Puma Safety Stepper. Equipped with a steel toe and a heat- and slip-resistant outsole, the Safety Stepper allows you to elevate your productivity in superior protection. Whether you stand all day on your feet or you are constantly in motion, the Safety Stepper is designed with your safety and comfort in mind. The breathable lining and cushioning footbed allow your feet to stay comfy and get you through those long shifts in ease. If your job demands your best performance and long hours, count on the Puma Safety Stepper to keep your feet safe.

Puma Safety Velocity

Spend all day on your feet? Try Puma’s Velocity collection. These work safety shoes incorporate a duoCELL and Torsion Control System into each pair, helping you stay stable from clock in to clock out. The addition of an evercushion GEL footbed surrounds your feet in cushy softness to take the edge off of a day full of standing. With a heat- and slip-resistant sole, waterproof and nonmetallic construction and static dissipative technology, this shoe will help you work safely. - Your Work Boots Superstore

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