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CAT Threshold Waterproof Boots

5.0 star rating Super awesome boots

Great service, this is my second pair of these boots. Super comfortable and lightweight!

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by Frank B

CAT Full Zip Hoodie

5.0 star rating product was nice and thick

It was nice and every man should have one. I just got the wrong size

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by Roderick C

CAT Second Shift Steel Toe Boots

5.0 star rating I’ve Been Wearing This Boot For Years!!

So I absolutely swear by these boots!!! They look great, are tough as nails and super durable and comfortable!! I literally have probably had about 5 pairs of them and they last me about two-3 years. I’m not in construction but I do give them a workout! My only advice is that whatever your normal shoe size is, order a 1/2 size smaller. And on top of that only order the Wide if you really really need that extra room. The wide size 10 fits me like a size 11, I know that by ordering by mistake. Anyway, I love the Second Shift Steel Toe and hope they never discontinue them!! Well worth the money!!!

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by Patrick H

CAT Calibrate Steel Toe Boots

5.0 star rating I love moc toe wedge soled boots!

Product is very well made, very easy to break in, looks great on the foot, and is a timeless style that never goes out (of style). Extremely comfortable! Delivery was very quick, but that is because this website gave prompt attention to my order and sent it out quickly. This site will definitely get future orders from me!

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by Miniguy

Jeremy Givens, a third-generation railroad man, was switching out a 5,000-ton cut of freight cars when everything went wrong. A car suddenly shuddered, sending Givens to the ground. Attempting to break his fall, Givens jammed his right boot behind a coupler. When the car he was clinging to rolled into another, the coupler shunted back, causing severe damage to his foot. Givens faced a long and difficult recovery, but without the protection his CAT steel-toe boots provided, doctors say Givens would have lost his foot completely. Workers everywhere rely on CAT footwear to keep them safe when the job gets tough. Trusted for their durability and comfort, these boots work as hard as you do. Combining cushioning and flexibility with genuine ruggedness, CAT gives you the support you need. Built to last, this footwear lives up to the reputation of the CAT brand.