Jeremy Givens, a third-generation railroad man, was switching out a 5,000-ton cut of freight cars when everything went wrong. A car suddenly shuddered, sending Givens to the ground. Attempting to break his fall, Givens jammed his right boot behind a coupler. When the car he was clinging to rolled into another, the coupler shunted back, causing severe damage to his foot. Givens faced a long and difficult recovery, but without the protection his CAT steel-toe boots provided, doctors say Givens would have lost his foot completely. Workers everywhere rely on CAT footwear to keep them safe when the job gets tough. Trusted for their durability and comfort, these boots work as hard as you do. Combining cushioning and flexibility with genuine ruggedness, CAT gives you the support you need. Built to last, this footwear lives up to the reputation of the CAT brand.