The Knapp Brothers Shoe Manufacturing Company was founded in 1921 by a family of craftsmen. Ewin and Clarence Knapp set out to create dependable footwear, made right here in America. By 1985, the company was selling over 120 styles of shoes through its catalog, making Knapp the largest direct selling company worldwide. Since then, Knapp has gone through multiple business evolutions but what hasn’t changed is that Knapp shoes and boots are built for hard work. Trusted by mechanics, industrial workers, food service workers and outdoorsmen, Knapp footwear provides unbeatable levels of durability and comfort. Built with the safety features you need, Knapp helps you stay on your feet while you're on the job. These tough shoes and boots also transition easily to demanding outdoor sports and leisure activities. Protect your feet even on the most hazardous jobsites with Knapp footwear.