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Wolverine Reviews

Wolverine Reviews

Wolverine 10" Wedge Heel Wellington

5.0 star rating I love the boots!

Site was easy to navigate. Great selection. Communication was good.

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Joseph S

Wolverine 6" Durashocks 200G Steel Toe Waterproof

5.0 star rating Great fit

They are very comfortable

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Jacquetta W

Wolverine Raider Oxford

5.0 star rating I like This shoe

The shoes are comfortable,

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Susan R

Wolverine 10" Anthem Wellington Waterproof

0.5 star rating Ridiculous Plus

Had them on about 10 times. Takes 5 to 10 mins to get them on. When I get them on they fit perfectly. Worst buy I've ever made. Have a pair of Justins, and they fit like a glove and go on like a glove. No more wolverines for me!!

by Steve R

Wolverine 6" Leather Durashocks Work

2.0 star rating Not EEE XW

I was very hopeful of this boot but it didn't deliver. The sole is to narrow caused my sides to ache. Not sole cushion at all hard as a rock.

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by Dale B

Wolverine 6" Bonnaventure Steel Toe Waterproof

5.0 star rating My favorite work boot

This is probably my 6th pair of these boots and I love them!! They’re comfortable and very durable. Look no further for your next pair of work boots.

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Gary L

Wolverine 6" Durashocks

5.0 star rating The BEST BOOT FOR MY FEET

I am on my feet 12- 14 hrs a day i walk 12 miles a day at work this boot is light and very comfortable i have arthritis in my left knee and it does not bother me Im good all day ............

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by Ray M

Wolverine 10" Raider Wellington

4.0 star rating My favorite boot

Love the boots! The right boot is slightly larger than the left one. Other than that, perfect purchase.

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Stephen W

Wolverine 6" Moc-Toe Wedge Heel

5.0 star rating Great price

Caught these on sale! Great price for a quality work boot as I have had many pairs through the years and they are by far the most comfortable boots and longest lasting out there.

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by BoyKid

Wolverine 8" Buckeye Logger GTX Alloy Toe

5.0 star rating Love love my boots!!

A very well put together boot, it's light on my feet, extremely comfortable. I didn't even have to endure the breaking in stage because the fit was perfect. I am very confidant that Wolverine loggers will be my only choice from here on. I would recommend them and Workboots.com to anyone, and I have had plenty of comments on these since I put them on! Thank you!!

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by TomKat75

Wolverine Overpass Mid Composite Toe

5.0 star rating After two months looking for finally a find it thi

Is amazing even my kids they’re love it

by Pedro H

Wolverine Amherst Composite Toe

1.0 star rating Uncomfortable

The composite toe rubbed my foot to the point I could not wear them. Wore them to work one day so don’t think I can return them. Disappointed.

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Rob M

Wolverine 8" Durashocks 200G Waterproof

3.0 star rating Too narrow

The shoe has a great sole and feels great on but is too narrow and I bought xtra wide

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by A P

Wolverine 6" Corsair Composite Toe Waterproof

5.0 star rating 9 Hours a Day

I wear these boots 9 hours a day. This is the second pair of the Corsair. They are the lightest, most comfortable pair of protective boots I've owned. I jumped ship from the heavy and hard soled Red Wing's to Wolverines'. I was tired of slapping my feet down against the concrete shop floor, fatiguing my feet, in the hard Red Wings. The Corsair provides comfortable thick cushioned contoured insoles with good arch support for high arched feet. I have a pair of wolverine Durashock sole boots, the Corsair is far more comfortable. I got two years of constant use from the boots. The out sole failed because I stepped in GM's highly toxic chemical top engine cleaner. I'm very happy with the boots.

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by brt e

Wolverine 8" Tremor

5.0 star rating better then a red wing boot

I wore the first set of these out after 2 years of daily use and had to get them again. Great fit and good ankle support.

by Gary G

Wolverine 8" Loader

4.5 star rating Good boots

They are really good boots just wish they made them with better insoles

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by James G

Wolverine Kingmont Composite Toe

5.0 star rating Satisfied Customer

I love the new boots. They’re very lightweight and comfortable. I’ve been wearing them every day since I got them. No fatigue or stress on my feet. I will buy them again.

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by Thomas G

Wolverine 6" Legend Composite Toe Waterproof

1.0 star rating Sent back.

Wear and ordered a size 9. This shoe felt more like a 10.5

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by Robert T

Wolverine Durant Hiker Steel Toe Waterproof

2.0 star rating Not waterproof

More like water logged. I bought these for steel toe and the purported waterproof casing. And the protected toe area. Better to pay a bit more for equivalent from thr brand that rhymes with Rickies.

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by JAY K

Wolverine Hammer Loop Pants

5.0 star rating Great pants !

Fit good and are very comfortable, really like them. If budget allows I'll buy another pair in AUGUST.

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