Women's Work Gear

Women's Work Gear

Designed for the female worker

Women in the workforce are indispensable, and what better time to honor them than on International Women's Day? In the working world, the fit and functionality of work gear directly affects performance on the job. As if it isn't hard enough being a woman in male-dominated industries, the norm is purchasing men's gear in a smaller size. Frankly, that isn't alright with us, so we're doing something about it. We gathered the most raved about women's gear, making this your one-stop shop for everything a working woman needs. Shop our massive selection of high-quality products designed to ensure the ideal fit for a female's body. From work boots to sleek pants, this woman's work gear was built to meet demands of the job while maintaining style and maximizing mobility. Check out what we've put together, it surely won't disappoint.

Product Spotlight

Reebok Krios GTX
Carhartt Original Fit Crawford Pants

Carhartt Original Fit Crawford Pants

"Greatest work pants ever. They fit perfectly, have real pockets for everything from your utility knife to your phone" Amanda | Cheyenne, WY
  • Rugged Flex technology
  • Contoured waistband
  • Utility pockets and loop


Carhartt Original Fit Crawford Pants