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Work Boot Resources

  • How to Choose Work Boots
    This guide will walk you through the components, features and considerations for finding the perfect style to suit your occupational needs.

  • Work Boots Toe Types
    Need help figuring out which type of safety toe you need? We cover the basics of steel toes, composite toes, alloy toes and more.

  • Work Boots Components
    What is suede leather? What’s the difference between full-grain and split-grain leather? Learn all there is to know about the components of your boots.

  • Work Boots Features
    Work boots come with several innovative, protective features. We cover EH safety, waterproofing, insulation and much more.

  • Work Boots Styles
    Not all work boots are created equal. From lace ups and wellingtons to western and wedge boots, learn what styles of boots there are to choose from.

  • Work Boots Fit Tips
    Not too loose but not too tight — make sure the work boots you decide on fit you perfectly.

Recent Work Boots Reviews

Verified Buyer

by Bo

New Balance Calibre Composite Toe Waterproof Boots

5.0 star rating One of the beat work boots ever

So comfortable. Absolutely love the zipper on the side

Verified Buyer

by Matthew B

Iron Age Reinforcer 8" Steel Toe Boots

0.5 star rating Not what I had hoped for...

Design and price are great, but the materials used leave a lot to be desired. I'm 6 months in and the boots are all but shot. The soles are HEAVILY worn and the welt is cracked and badly separated in prob 15 places. The welt appears to be plastic, so no doubt that's a contributing factor for the failure. Was hopeful I had found the perfect boot.....

by Kreston S

Iron Age 11" Solidifier Pull-On Composite Toe Waterproof Boots

3.5 star rating Great boots

The boots seem really nice, comfortable and not too heavy but hot..probably great winter boots but I will probably have to get me something a little cooler to work in until then

Verified Buyer

by Anthony Goldman

The Work Boots Leader

When you spend all day on your feet, you need some serious support in your footwear. Luckily, finding that perfect pair of reliable work boots has never been easier. From women’s to men’s, basic to advanced, we’ve got the biggest selection of work boots around.

Cherry pick the features you need to meet the safety standards the job requires. Our curated page lets you shop by toe type, style or even by color. One thing our boots all have in common? They were built tough so you can put them to work. Shop our top name brands, and find some boots to keep you comfy and safe during your working hours.