Welcome to WorkBoots.com

Welcome to WorkBoots.com, your work boots superstore. We know how important your shoes are when you're working hard on the job. That's why our shelves are stuffed with the strongest, sturdiest and most comfortable styles around.

In 2004, we founded our first store, BDU.com. After a few crazy successful years and handfuls of happy customers, we opened WorkBoots.com. Since then, we've been outfitting workers in shoes that can handle the toughest of tasks and responsibilities. We know how hard you work from punch-in to punch-out. Isn't it time for your boots to start pulling their weight?

When you browse the aisles of our online storefront, you'll come across brands like Timberland Pro, Reebok and Danner—makers who have a proven track record of tackling the dirtiest of jobs with ease and patience. But who is WorkBoots.com, really?

Meet Some of Our Team

We are the folks who genuinely enjoy coming to work each day. We wear the shoes that we stock on our warehouse shelves in Chesterfield, Mo., so we can vouch for their superior craftsmanship and comfort. We are committed to providing you the best customer service you'll come across anywhere, and we look forward to earning your business.

  • Mike Miner

    Mike Miner

    Product Data Manager

    The hardest-working person I know is:

    My father. This man has worked his butt off for over 40 years and to my knowledge may have called in sick once. This guy is a maniac!

    How do you unwind after a day's work?

    I like to hang out with my family and play with my kids. No matter how tough a workday may have been, when I see my babies everything turns to good.

  • Jacob Grass

    Jacob Grass


    The hardest-working person I know is:

    My wife. She runs the household and manages two small kiddos and a puppy while I sell boots on the internet. She doesn't need work boots to do it, but it's a hard job,and she kicks butt at it.

    How do you unwind after a day's work?

    I take the dog and the kids out for a nice long walk, weather permitting. Fresh air and a little exercise, plus time with the kids, help me recharge after a rough day.

  • Danielle Sproull

    Danielle Sproull

    Strategic Accounts Specialist

    The hardest-working person I know is:

    My Father. He works a job that demands a lot of time and thought, but he’s always been there for us and he never slows down. He taught me what a strong work ethic and love for your family means.

    How do you unwind after a day's work?

    My favorite way to unwind is to make dinner with my husband while catching up on each other's days. I wouldn't trade that for anything.

  • Lauren Malm

    Lauren Malm

    Marketing Manager

    The hardest-working person I know is:

    My mom. It isn't easy raising two kids when you have a high-powered career. She makes it look effortless.

    How do you unwind after a day's work?

    It may seem counter-intuitive, but a good workout helps me let go of any stress from the day. Gotta love endorphins!

  • Jenny Kendall

    Jenny Kendall

    Strategic Accounts Manager

    The hardest-working person I know is:

    My Mom. She raised three daughters while taking care of my ill father. She made sure we never missed a softball, volleyball, soccer or basketball game. Now in her mid 60's, she still works hard as a Home Healthcare Nurse.

    How do you unwind after a day's work?

    I love doing Yoga to help unwind after a long day's work. It helps to relax my mind, calm my mood and take away the stresses of the day.