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Carhartt Rugged Vest

3.5 star rating great vest

haven't yet had a opertunity to give it some time use ,but so farr it fits and feels great

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by Ross C

Carhartt Twill Work Pants

5.0 star rating Best work pants

These are the best work plants I have ever purchased. Can’t beat the price either.

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by Wyatt T

Carhartt Force Cotton Delmont Long Sleeve Graphic T-shirt

5.0 star rating Your gonna like it.

It’s a Carhartt. It’s gotta be good. A remark which pretty much says it all. This long sleeve tee is uniform in fit, color, and weight. It fits comfortably and has no areas of concern. You know what you get and how accurately it will perform. A genuine keeper. Move on....

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by Trapper

Carhartt Headquarters

Founded in 1889 with just two sewing machines and five employees, generations of the Carhartt family have established an unstoppable brand. Founder Hamilton Carhartt consulted with railroad workers to develop Carhartt’s very first dependable, high-quality products. Continuing that tradition of communicating directly with consumers, the company has an active community of Groundbreakers, hard working men and women who give their opinions on existing and planned projects and even participate in field tests. Carhartt cares about giving workers reliable products, constructed from durable materials and made to last. From head to toe, this trusted workwear is built to protect against rugged terrain, cold, rain and anything else you may face on the job. Whatever your day brings, with Carhartt you’ll be ready.