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Cat Footwear Work Boots

Representing the values of its heritage name, Cat Footwear creates work boots that your job depends on. The trusted brand incorporates unique technologies, like its signature iTechnology, into trademark styles, so their protective footwear can stand up and take on the toughest job sites. When your footwear is the only line between your feet and a daily pounding from tough work, choose a brand that’s committed to creating comfort and durability. Cat Footwear—inspired by hard work, driven by life.

Cat Footwear Alaska

For footwear that works as hard as you do, test out Cat Footwear’s line of Alaska work boots. You won’t be disappointed by the classic style of this boot paired with comfort-defying technologies, such as the Techniflex outsole that’s engineered to withstand the stress of flexing. Waterproof construction and a slip-resistant rubber bottom means you can work with stable feet on any surface. The Alaska work boot is the country’s No. 1 selling Cat boot for a reason—outstanding protection, great durability and unrelenting comfort.

Cat Footwear Argon

Cross extreme cushioning and foot support with unparalleled resistance to slip, and you have the Argon by Cat Footwear. Utilizing Cat Footwear’s innovative Ergo design, this work shoe helps promote natural foot movement and prevents over-pronotion. Anatomically-placed foam pads cushion your feet in just the right spots, increasing the amount of comfort you get throughout the day. These are the most comfortable pair of work boots you’ve ever owned. In fact, once you get them on, we can’t promise you won’t ever take them off.

Cat Footwear Blackbriar

Comfort that lasts. That’s what you’ll get from pair of Blackbriar work boots by Cat Footwear. You won’t have to worry about beating up the extremely durable full grain leather or wearing through a Norwegian Welt. A padded tongue and collar work with a PVC midsole to take your work boot comfort to the next level. This boot’s oil-, heat- and abrasion-resistant outsole conquers any slick workplace, like factory floors or slick concrete areas, with unbeatable traction. Slip on a pair of Blackbriar boots for safety and comfort that won’t wear out.

Cat Footwear Carlie

Step into the middle ground between athleticism and power with the Carlie collection. Each boot is built with Cat Footwear original iTechnology for hybrid support that keeps you flexible yet well-protected. Designed for women who need high-ankle support that doesn’t weigh you down, these boots offer steel-toe security and electrical-hazard safety for a wide range of job duties. Covered in full-grain leather and a slip-resistant sole, no conditions are too testing for the toughest women’s work boot on the market.

Cat Footwear Colt

Toughen up your workwear with a pair of Colt work boots by Cat Footwear. These all-purpose boots work well for hitting the jobsite or just tackling yard work on the weekends. Built with outsoles that are reinforced with Extended Wear Compound, these boots wear longer for performance in extreme environments. With a full grain leather, rubber midsole and Goodyear welt construction, these boots will last a good while. If you’re searching for a versatile, durable work boot, try the Colt.

Cat Footwear Conclude

Slip on a comfortable shoe like the Conclude, and work with the security that comes with a work shoe that fully protects. For workers who spend their day near electrical circuits, this ESD safety shoe comes armed ready to release the buildup of static electricity to keep you safe. The unyielding SRX system provides supreme resistance to wet, oily surfaces. Trust in the Conclude—the kind of protective footwear that was built with your unique safety needs in mind.

Cat Footwear Crompton

The Crompton is a steel-toe boot designed for heavy-duty action. It features a hiking-inspired nylon mesh lining and waterproof suede/nubuck upper that will shield your feet from the elements. The Crompton’s steel safety toe and cement construction ensure your feet are well-protected for even the most hazardous of worksites. Whether you are on your feet all day operating heavy machinery or managing a construction site, you can rely on the Crompton for breathability and durability.

Cat Footwear Crossrail

Built around the natural structures of your foot, the Crossrail collection utilizes Cat Footwear’s innovative ERGO comfort system. Designed as an extension of the lower leg rather than a bulky and uncomfortable boot, this footwear shapes in the arch and heel for support and cushioning where you need it most. With built-in nylon mesh lining that flexes around the proper foot and ankle joints, you can reap all the benefits of an athletic sneaker with the protection of a full-sized work boot.

Cat Footwear Diagnostic

The Diagnostic work boot from Cat Footwear is a staple for any working man’s closet. Ergo technology promotes natural foot movement and uses strategically-placed foam pads to enhance cushioning, support and long-lasting comfort. Cat’s SRX system creates extreme slip resistance when you need it most, outperforming any other slip-resistance boot on the market. Not only is this boot fully loaded, it’s fully durable, too. Try the Diagnostic—a tough boot fit for your tough job.

Cat Footwear Drysdale

Transition from workday to weekend with flair. The Drysdale is a multipurpose work boot you can wear not just to work, but also on your days off. The full-grain leather and cement construction make it durable enough for a heavy-duty work environment. And the top quality upper and detailed stitching make it a stylish option to wear with jeans and a button down on your days off. Be professional and fashion-forward in the Drysdale collection.

Cat Footwear Duncan

The Duncan is a work boot that every man should have in his closet. It is a perfect pick for professionals who work long hours and want a sleek alternative to bulky work boots. This classic work boot features an easy slip-on upper and molded midsole to keep feet feeling fresh and comfortable around the clock. Plus, the rugged leather and timeless design ensure this work boot will always be in style. Upgrade your appearance and your performance in Duncan work boots.

Cat Footwear Edgework

Pull on a pair of Cat Footwear’s Edgework boots, and you’re ready to get down and dirty. Take your protection seriously with a pair of these on your feet. Waterproof, tumbled full grain leather make up the boot’s upper, and a nylon mesh lining allows air circulation so sweaty feet don’t disrupt your work. You’ll be the most comfortable man on the job, with a polyurethane insole that absorbs shock and a steel shank that adds support. The Edgework comes available with or without a steel safety toe.

Cat Footwear Elkhart

Repel the chance of harmful electricity interfering with your work, and slip on the Elkhart work boots. Cat Footwear developed these ESD boots to protect both you and your equipment from damaging static energy. In addition to that protection, you’ll be working in the comfort of a flexible leather construction that’s waterproof, so you can fight weather and wear. Lined with canvas and suede, this boot isn’t just functional—it feels incredibly comfortable. Try the Elkhart for an easy-to-wear work boot.

Cat Footwear Emerge

Looking for comfortable yet professional footwear? Then you need the Cat Footwear Emerge. The full-grain leather combined with the active styling of a running shoe give this collection a unique and polished appearance. Bonus: the breathable mesh lining and molded sock liner allow your feet will to stay comfortable. For distinct yet comfortable footwear, get the Emerge.

Cat Footwear Endure

There’s no job that the Endure work boot can’t handle. This hardcore boot utilizes Cat Footwear’s iTechnology SuperDuty system, producing the toughest boot you’ll ever wear. This boot is the definition of durable, with a triple-stitched upper, rubber heel stabilizer and aggressively cleated outsole. The Achilles features a rubber pleat, so you can bend and flex with ease. Built with a steel safety toe to guard against workplace incidents, the Endure can handle anything that comes its way.

Cat Footwear Ergo

The Ergo work boot by Cat Footwear is designed with the industry’s first flexible metatarsal guard—the d3o met guard. This specially engineered material uses “intelligent shock absorption,” which means the met guard maintains extreme flexibility for easy movement up until impact, when the molecules lock together and absorb the shock to protect your foot. This Ergo also uses iTechnology SuperDuty construction, adding an extreme amount of toughness for high-performance against wear and tear.

Cat Footwear Generator

Quality workmanship and intense maneuverability make up Cat footwear’s work boot called the Generator. Crafted with durable leather materials, the boot’s makeup is constructed with a Flexion Engineered process that leaves the boot incredibly comfortable. That means whatever job you have to do just got a whole lot easier. A nylon mesh lining allows air to circulate throughout the boot, and waterproof styles don’t allow any moisture to penetrate the boot’s interior. Stay comfortable and move easily all day long with the Generator.

Cat Footwear Gladstone

Pull on industry-standard protection and innovative shock absorption technology with the Gladstone. Equipped with the iTechnology Energy Series, each boot eases impact to keep pain at a minimum and energy at a full tank. Just as any Wellington-style boot should be, the tough outsole is abrasion, heat, water and oil resistant—perfect for hard work in demanding and hazardous conditions. Wherever you work, whatever the job, stay strong to the last shift with boots that won’t quit.

Cat Footwear Graft

The Cat Footwear Graft is where style meets function. Fashioned as a casual boot for the everyday working man, these boots are made from full-grain leather for a rugged yet classic design. But these boots aren’t just for looks! The cement construction and molded outsole ensure that these boots will not wear or tear when you are out on the town. So when you’re off the clock, throw on the Graft and hit the streets in style.

Cat Footwear Grist

The Grist is the waterproof work boot you’ve been waiting for. Pull on a pair for protection against the elements, thanks to the moisture-barrier of full grain leather and nylon mesh. The Flexion engineered construction is the basis for the most comfortable, lightweight work boot experience you’ll ever have, straight out of the box. Whatever weather or harsh work environment you face, throw on these Grist work boots and finish the job in comfort.

Cat Footwear Gunnison

The Gunnison by Cat Footwear is a boot built to confront backbreaking work while keeping you safe and comfortable. With a strong leather upper and SuperWelt construction, you’ll get extreme protection and durability. If you work near sensitive technologies and electronics, this is the boot you need. Given an ESD rating, the Gunnison allows static electricity buildup to disperse down and out, away from your work and preventing potential injuries. Work with a pair of boots that have your back, and work in confidence.

Cat Footwear Hydraulic

Navigate your workday in a pair of super tough work boots like Cat Footwear’s Hydraulic. This boot is part hiker, part work boot and equals full protection. The aggressive tread makes crossing any tricky terrain a no-brainer, and the steel safety toe defends against accidental injury. The Taibrelle liner wicks away moisture for dry, comfortable feet, and an EVA midsole keeps them cushioned. If you spend time working outdoors, try the Hydraulic to take you where you need to go.

Cat Footwear Indiana

Rugged and work-ready, the Indiana work boot by Cat Footwear is a long-wearing, incredibly durable choice. Constructed with a tumbled grain leather, this boot delivers a comfortable fit right out of the box. But the truly great thing about this boot is its extreme strength and tougher-than-nails exterior. The Goodyear Welt stitched construction attaches the sole to the boot’s upper, and it’s equipped with TechniFlex for increased flexibility and easy movement. Work in the Indiana, a dependable boot from a dependable brand.

Cat Footwear Jenn

With the hard working woman in mind, the Jenn from Cat Footwear provides widths and styles perfect for the female foot in relentless work conditions. The composite toe and electrical hazard technology combine assured safety and comfort while full-grain leather and nylon lining will last in long shifts and rough conditions. For an athletic and lightweight alternative to a standard work boot, this is the shoe for you.

Cat Footwear Lander

Need a new go-to pair of work boots? Try Cat Footwear’s Lander collection. These basic boots are a working man’s necessity. The tumbled full grain leather and Norwegian Welt construction form a sturdy, watertight platform. Pair that with the slip-resistant Hidden Tracks outsole, and you’ve got yourself a pair of hardworking boots perfect for hitting the jobsite. The Lander is available in a variety of styles, both with or without a steel safety toe.

Cat Footwear Logger

If working in the forest industry has taught you anything, it’s that a cheap pair of boots aren’t going to make the cut. That’s why Cat Footwear designed this Logger work boot. Lace up the full grain leather construction for durable protection against wear and moisture. Plus, the removable Climasphere insole wicks away sweat and allows breathability, so your feet stay cool and dry even after the longest day. Hit the woods with a reliable work boot like the Logger.

Cat Footwear Manifold

Take a load off, and get a boot that’s going to take on the brunt of your work so you won’t have to. The Manifold work boot by Cat Footwear is built with a Flexion Engineered construction and is designed to efficiently absorb shock from the impact of each step. Add in the Ergo design and SRX slip-resistance system and the Manifold turns into the triple threat of work boots. You won’t regret slipping on a pair of boots that works hard to make your job so much easier.

Cat Footwear Mike Rowe Rangler

If there’s one thing Mike Rowe knows about, it’s how to get dirty. Luckily, he’s teamed up with Cat Footwear to create the Rangler work boot, protective footwear for on-the-job safety and defense against those messy jobsites. The full grain leather combines a classic design with key features for a boot that covers you from the time you lace ‘em up to the moment you kick ‘em off. Built with a SuperWelt construction, the Rangler ups your level of forefoot flexibility for easier movement while you perform that backbreaking labor.

Cat Footwear Movement

Combine the active styling of a running shoe and the durability of a work boot, and you have the Cat Footwear Movement collection. Equipped with nylon mesh lining and a molded sock liner, this collection will allow air to circulate and your feet to breathe just like athletic footwear. But these work shoes won’t wear and tear like athletic footwear—the tough leather construction and rubber outsoles ensure that this collection was built to last. If your job keeps your constantly moving then you need the Movement Collection.

Cat Footwear Nitrogen

You can’t have too many pairs of comfortable, reliable work boots. With that in mind, the Nitrogen boots from Cat Footwear would make a great addition to your working wardrobe. This multipurpose boot combines protective footwear with hiking features for performance that carries over from workplace to weekend. A strobel and cement construction enhance durability while making the boot extra flexible. The Ergo design of the boot encourages natural foot movement to help prevent injuries. Get the most out of your footwear with the adaptable performance of the Nitrogen work boot.

Cat Footwear Oversee

Stay surefooted in style with the Oversee work shoe. This style wears well with casual or dress apparel and is perfect for work environments with slippery floors. Cat footwear’s SRX system carries industrial strength protection with its Ladder Grip technology that helps grasp oily, slick or wet surfaces. Rated as ESD, this shoe helps dissipate electric static buildup to protect you and your work. The Oversee is the perfect choice for factory workers or those in the service industries, where steady feet are a necessity.

Cat Footwear Pneumatic

The Pneumatic work boot by Cat Footwear provides lightweight flexibility and waterproof protection. These elements make this boot a great choice for workers who spend their days outdoors, trekking through the elements. Pull-up leather and Drilex technology team up to create a watertight barrier, lined with nylon mesh to ensure air circulation for cool, dry feet. A polyurethane injected midsole and direct injection construction bond the boot together for less weight and increased flexibility. Move easily with the Pneumatic work boot.

Cat Footwear Revolver

Arm yourself with Cat Footwear’s Revolver work boot. Pull on a pair, and work with the security that comes with an industrious boot. This durable style was built for backbreaking performance. The rich leather upper joins a slip-resistant rubber outsole with a long-lasting Goodyear Welt, and a steel shank underfoot creates a stable platform to keep feet from overtiring. When a boot like the Revolver is your first line of defense against a harsh work environment, you can finish your job confidently.

Cat Footwear Salvo

Serious jobs call for serious boots. For performance-driven footwear, the Salvo work boots by Cat Footwear are just the boots you need. Watertight protection and insulation make them a great pair of boots to have on hand during the cold, rainy months. The SuperWelt construction means super flexibility, and a rubber outsole defends against slips. Safety is key when you’re on the clock. Stay work-ready all year long with a pair of Salvo boots in your workwear collection.

Cat Footwear Second Shift

When you show up for work, you need to make sure you’ve got footwear that can stand up to the job. That’s where Cat Footwear’s Second Shift comes in. These handsome work boots are built to pull their weight, made with sturdy leather and a dependable Goodyear Welt construction. A Climasphere insole maintains foot temperature, keeping feet dry and comfortably cushioned. Choose the Second Shift for a solid pair of boots that will take you from the beginning to the end of any shift.

Cat Footwear Silverton

Finish an honest day’s work in a pair of Silverton work boots by Cat Footwear. If you spend your days on concrete or other hard floors, you’ll appreciate how the polyurethane liner absorbs shock from a hard work surface and softens the blow of each step. Wrap your foot in cushioned comfort, while a mesh nylon lining allows air to circulate and keep feet cool. You don’t want just any boot to keep you safe. You want one that will keep you comfortable too. Try the Silverton, and we promise it won’t disappoint.

Cat Footwear Whiston

Hold up to mud, wear and tear with a pair of Whiston work boots on your feet. Built by Cat Footwear, this classic lace-up boot will keep you well protected and help you stay agile. A dark leather lends a handsome style to your workwear, and the padded collar and polyurethane liner heighten the level of long-wearing comfort. This sole’s Superwelt construction means unbeatable flexibility, so if your job requires movement, this boot is your best bet. The Whiston was made to stand up to anything, so bring on the jobsite mayhem.

Cat Footwear Wister

The Wister is a stylish work boot offered in both a soft toe and a steel toe. The Wister is a trendy alternative to the old-fashioned, plain footwear at the worksite. Don’t let the Wister’s attractive exterior fool you though because this boot is made for business. With a super flexible wedge for extreme comfort and Goodyear welt construction, it’s made for long hours and durability on the job. Cat Footwear’s Wister is the perfect combination of style and comfort that will leave your feet looking tip-top. - Your Work Boots Superstore

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